Privacy Policy

SICC (the ”Company”) is in compliance with personal information protection regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act and the Company’s personal information processing policy is as follows.

Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

SICC collects and utilizes personal information for the following purposes. Minimal personal information are collected (only those required for the purpose of the collection), and these are not used for any purpose other than those outlined below. If the purpose of information collection changes, however, the consent of all the individuals providing such information will be asked prior to such collection.

  1. 1. Recruitment - For purposes of recruiting new employees
  2. 2. Human Resources and Labor Management - For purposes of human resource and labor management, and for issuing certificates
  3. 3. Transactions with Partner Companies - For purposes of utilizing manpower when carrying out external contracts with our partner companies

Personal Information Processing and Holding Period

SICC destroys all personal information when the purpose of their collection has been fulfilled or when their holding period has expired.

  1. 1. Application - Items: Personal data, education, military service, health, family status, personal records
    - Holding period: Employment duration
  2. 2. Human Resource Records - Items: Personal data, education, military service, health, family status, personal records
    - Holding period: During the tenure and duration after retirement, until the necessary time
  3. 3. Partner Company Resumes - Items: Name of partner company, personal data, education, personal records
    - Holding period: Completion of contract work, project and proposed work scope

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

SICC processes personal information within the scope specified in Article 1 (Personal Information Processing Purpose), and the collected personal information will not be used for any purpose other than those indicated in the said article or provided to a third party without the prior consent of the owner of the personal information, except when there is a specific law enforced or when a crime is being investigated, as specified in Article 18 clause 2 of the Personal Data Protection Act. If SICC provides personal information to a third party for purposes that do not coincide with those first announced at the point of information collection, SICC must obtain the prior consent of the owner of the personal information and must separately disclose the information relating to the provision process (the person being provided the information, purpose of provision, personal information items being provided, holding period, etc.)

Consignment of Personal Information Processing

SICC does not consign personal information processing to third parties. If a need for consigning personal information processing arises in the future, SICC will disclose the consignee, consignment details, consignment period, and consignment agreement details (compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, prohibition of providing personal information to third parties, and claim responsibility) through notices or personal information processing policies.

Personal Information Owner’s Rights/Responsibilities and the Exercise of Such

The owner of the personal information may exercise the following rights in relation to his/her personal information:

  1. 1. right to request to view/issue the personal information; and
  2. 2. right to request to correct or delete errors in the personal information

Viewing, correcting, and deleting one’s personal information will be allowed only upon submission of an accomplished “Form for Personal Data Protection Act Enforcement” and after undergoing a personal verification process. All personal information can be viewed and corrected only by the owner of the information. If a request for correcting or amending an error in one’s personal information has been made, such personal information shall not be used or provided until such request has been answered. All acts of misuse or provision of personal information by mistake shall be promptly corrected. All personal information deleted upon request shall be processed according to section 2 herein (Personal Information Processing and Holding Period).

Personal Information Items Processed

SICC collects the following required and optional information entered in the application forms or resumes:

  1. 1. Collection items

    Required information: Name, resident registration number (foreign registration number), nationality, education, address, mobile phone number, telephone number, personal record, e-mail address, military service Optional information: Health issues, family status Individuals employed at our partner companies, however, may omit a portion of the required and optional information.

  2. 2. Method of collection

    Application form or resume Collection through telephone or e-mail when issuing human-resources-related certificates

Personal Information Destruction Process and Method

SICC promptly destroys all personal information if the holding period has elapsed or the purpose of collection has been fulfilled. If required by another law, however, such personal information may not be destroyed. The destruction process, deadline, and method are as follows:

  1. 1. Destruction process The information inputted by individuals is immediately destroyed when the purpose of collection has been fulfilled, in accordance with the internal policy or in relation to other laws.
  2. 2. Destruction deadline and method When the holding period of the personal information has elapsed or the purpose of collection has been fulfilled and the personal information is no longer necessary, the information is permanently destroyed electronically so that it cannot be recovered. Personal information printouts or hard copies shall be shred or incinerated.

Measures to procure personal information security

SICC has put in place the following technological/management and physical measures to ensure personal information security in accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Data Protection Act:

  1. 1. Personal information security management - To prevent leakage or damage of personal information due to hacking or computer viruses, SICC has installed security programs and regularly renews/inspects such systems. In addition, the personal information system is installed in a limited-access area, thereby isolating and blocking it both technically and physically.
  2. 2. Limited access to the personal information processing system - Necessary measures such as granting, changing, and cancelling limited-access rights are being taken to control access to personal information, and a firewall system is used to prevent forced access by external parties.
  3. 3. Management of personal information employees - We designate a minimal number of employees for handling personal information and exercise periodic education relating to the management and operation of personal information.
  4. 4. Access record management and forgery prevention - All access records of the personal information processing system are stored and managed for a minimum of six months, and such records are being managed to prevent forgery, tampering, theft, or loss.
  5. 5. Internal management plan establishment and enforcement - SICC has established and enforces an international management plan.

Responsibility of Personal Information Protection

SICC protects the personal information of customers, and to handle complaints relating to personal information, the following people have been designated to take responsibility for and handle such complaints:

  1. 1. Person responsible for personal information protection - Name: Jae Keun Kim, Director
    - Tel: 02-2262-8984
    - E-mail:
  2. 2. Person in charge of personal information protection - Name: Sunhee Jung, Deputy Department Head
    - Tel: 02-2262-8170
    - E-mail:

Change in Personal Information Processing Policy

The personal information processing policy took effect on the date of its enforcement and may be augmented, deleted, or amended according to the changes in SICC’s regulations and policies. Notice of such changes shall be given before their enforcement.

□ Date of enforcement: September 30, 2011

Aid for Violation of Interests

A person whose personal information has been violated and who needs aid relating to such violation may contact the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee or Korea Internet Security Agency Personal Information Violation Center to apply for counseling or mediation. For other queries relating to personal information violation, please contact any of the agencies below.

  1. 1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee: 118 (ARS line 3)
  2. 2. Korea Online Privacy Association: 02-580-0533~4
  3. 3. Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office High-Tech Crimes Department: 02-3480-2000
  4. 4. National Police Agency Cyberterror Response Center: 02-392-0330