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Quality Assurance

SICC’s quality assurance system complies with the international standards.

SICC continually carries out quality assurance activities under its quality management system designed in accordance with ISO9001, thus complying with the relevant international standards. Furthermore, to provide high-quality products and services to our customers, all SICC employees are required to comply with the company’s quality targets and assurance

Quality Assurance Policies

The highest quality is the foundation of SICC’s business goals, and customer satisfaction is the key.

Our corporate philosophy – Leading, building, going hand in hand – demonstrates our respect for our customers, our passion for attaining customer satisfaction, and ultimately our philosophy of providing products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

To achieve the corporate values above, all our employees in various fields are expected to apply their minds optimally to their work to prevent defective outcomes, and to complete their tasks with complete confidence, without employing a trial-and-error process. In addition, we will continuously improve our overall performance, including the quality of our products and services, by employing a scientific and rational approach.

Quality Assurance Targets

Stemming from the managerial level, the official quality assurance targets established for all our employees to remember and perform in accordance with are as follows:

  • On-time system development project submission: Above 90%
  • Service business target rate for each SLA index: Above 90%
  • Network service malfunction after service completion rate
    • - Network installment service malfunction after service completion rate: 100%
    • - Network maintenance service malfunction after service completion rate: Above 90%
  • Customer satisfaction index
    • - System development and maintenance service: Above 80%
    • - Network installment and maintenance service: Above 90%
  • Project productivity and quantitative management of quality levels