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A company that creates the future – IT Korea Leader

A model information and communications company leading the 21st century SICC, since its establishment in 1981 as the first SI company in South Korea, has been striving to become a model information and communications company leading the 21st century by procuring core competencies in research and development, sales, service, management, and other systems-integrated-business-related fields and by helping achieve customer satisfaction.

Creation & Challenge, Change & Diligence, Harmony & Ethics

[創造 and 挑戰] Creation and challenge

In an era of infinite competition and information revolution, by proactively demonstrating forestalling management, we are able to procure competitive edges in our products, sales, technology, management, etc. Through this, we aspire to gain acknowledgement from all sectors of the society, and to lead the society’s informatization.

[變化 and 誠實] Change and diligence

We will continue to strengthen the competencies of the organization as a whole and build on this to cope with the rapidly changing business environment, to survive as a competitive firm, and to demonstrate perseverance in pursuing continuous growth.

[人和 and 道德] Harmony and ethics

To create integrated synergy between various technologies, products, services, and experiences within our company and with our affiliate companies, all our sections have been strategically linked and systemized to enable omnidirectional management. The results of such actions are reinvested in developing further relationships with our customers and affiliate companies, and in enhancing the welfare of our employees by sharing with them the fruits of the company’s efforts.