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Corporate Ethics

SICC pursues transparent, just, and rational business conduct.

We receive reports of our executives’ and staff members’ violations of our Code of Ethics, and such reports are processed privately.
Your courageous report will help take SICC one step closer to achieving a higher level of corporate ethics.

Code of Ethics

  • All SICC personnel shall conduct all businesses with fairness and impartiality and shall not seek personal gain in relation to business.
    • - Differentiate between public and private matters, and when performing the job, make decisions and actions aligned to maximizing the company’s profits.
    • - Do not demand or receive any monetary benefits from the stakeholders through unjust methods.
  • All SICC personnel shall comply with the company regulations under all circumstances.
  • All SICC personnel shall primarily protect the welfare of the customers and shall do their best to provide them with products and services of the highest quality.
    • - Ensure that the customers’ tangible and intangible assets, information, and honor are treated and protected like the company’s, and that no damages
      arise from a flaw in the product provided or service rendered.
    • - Actively accommodate the various needs of the customers and provide optimal solutions through technology development and quality enhancement.
  • All SICC personnel must always try to ensure fair transactions.
    • - Do not steal or infringe on the technologies, production, sales, or any other tangible or intangible assets of the company’s competitors, and strive to gain a competitive edge through just methods.
    • - Select partner companies fairly, comply with the Fair Trade Act, and do not abuse one’s superior status over the company’s partner companies.
  •  All SICC personnel must faithfully protect the interests of the company’s shareholders.
    • - Through efficient management, achieve stable profits and thus protect the investment interests of the shareholders.
    • - Respect the shareholders’ right to know about the company, and provide necessary information promptly and accurately.
  • All SICC personnel must not pursue non-ethical or antisocial corporate activities.
  • All SICC personnel must exert utmost efforts to maintain their professionalism, to safeguard their honor, to observe ethical behavior, and to pursue self-development.