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Enviromental management

SICC complies with its established environmental policies in accordance with the international standards.

To prevent environmental pollution and to pursue continuous environmental protection activities, SICC has created an environment manual, environmental-impact evaluation criteria, environmental regulations, claim management regulations, a green purchasing guide, an energy management guide, and a waste management guide based on ISO 14001, and established corporate-wide environmental policies and targets to take one step closer to becoming an environment-friendly company.

Environmental policy

SICC is at the forefront of creating a pleasant and abundant environment in harmony with nature. To minimize the negative impact of our business activities on the environment, we comply with the environmental regulations and relevant rules and set detailed environmental targets that we do our best to achieve. Also, we continuously improve our operations to prevent environmental pollution.

  1. 1. We thoroughly examine the impact of our business activities on the surrounding environment and comply with the environmental regulations and relevant rules.
  2. 2. We make recycling, reuse, and reducing environmental pollution a way of life and continuously carry out education on the environment to enhance people’s awareness of the need for environmental protection.

3. We announce our environmental policies to inform all our employees and customers of them. All our employees are required to take responsibility and uphold a diligent attitude in being a part of our environment management system to enhance our environmental performance.

Environmental goals

SICC’s corporate environmental goals, which have been set for all its stakeholders to understand and comply with, and which have been officially announced, are as follows:

  • - Compliance with the environmental laws
  • - Enhancement of environmental management
  • - Energy use reduction