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The Best Partner for Smart World!SICC was established in July 1981 as the first system integration company in South Korea. For the past 33 years, SICC has led the telecommunications and IT service industries and has contributed in creating the history of South Korea’s information age and thus developing South Korea into the Internet leader.


SSangyong Information & Communications Corp
Yong Sik Kim
Date of Establishment
July 1, 1981
Business Areas
System integration business, software development and consulting, package 
software development and supply, software-related services business, network integration business.
11th Floor, Block B, Pine Avenue, Eulji-ro 100, Jung-gu, Seoul


Beyond the first SI company, Towoards the top IT service company!

1974 At the time when the IT field was an industrial wasteland, South Korea’s economy was experiencing rapid industrialization and the emergence of large conglomerates.
The first to focus on the potential growth of the IT industry, Ssangyong Group, in December 1974, took its first step into innovating the management environment anchored at Ssangyong Cement Industrial Co., Ltd.’s data processing department.
1978~1981 Ssangyong Group, the first to develop and operate MIS in South Korea, and the Minister of Government Administration and his party, inspected Ssangyong Group’s MIS in anticipation of the introduction of MIS in the government’s data processing system in 1981.
1981.07 To establish a corporation, a meeting of promoters was held, and in December, Wooshin Information Industrial Co., Ltd. was established. The integrated administration information system of the Ministry of Government Administration is recorded as the very first external service of SICC. This is the story of how the first SI company in South Korea began.
1981~ After its establishment in 1981, SICC built the first IT training center, created the first three Korean word processors, and tirelessly continued to embrace the challenges posed by the changing environment as a history maker in South Korea’s ICT industry.
현재 From the South Korean government’s digital government to the present day,
SICC has created a track record of numbers of references from government-related entities.
A sports SI company that stands side by side with global sports IT service companies.
A national-defense-specialized company that built the world’s best synthetic combat training system in the army science
combat field.

A network integration expert that established South Korea’s first Internet network and has contributed endlessly to upgrading it.

We will strive to go beyond the first to the best, and we will never back off from any challenge.