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I will exert utmost efforts to provide the highest satisfaction to all our customers as well as valuable opportunities for self-realization to all our employees.

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CEO message

Rapidly changing samart era 'IT Korea leader' SICC is the future

SICC is an integrated IT service company that captures the need for informatization of its customers and provides total services ranging from system designing, development, operation, and maintenance, and that has grown alongside the success of its clients.

Since its establishment in 1981, as a pioneer in the IT service industry, SICC has walked hand in hand with South Korea’s IT industry, and by providing optimal IT services to various industries, including the sports, national defense, and communication/media industries and the public sectors, it has maximized the value of its clients and has nurtured the growth of numerous IT experts. To survive amidst a rapidly changing industry paradigm and continuously evolving technologies, it is necessary for a company to integrate industrial knowledge with IT technology to keep itself in tune with the changing world and to maximize its efficiency.

Extending across companies, individuals, social classes, economies, cultures, and societies, and expanding beyond a selective tool, IT technology has evolved into the core competency required of a leader. It can thus be said that understanding today’s various IT trends and having the insight to use these appropriately as tools of creative innovation have become crucial.

SICC has built ICT from various industries, and based on this, has continuously developed and applied cutting-edge technologies to ensure client-customized services and to provide optimal solutions that can facilitate the success of its clients. Moreover, by demonstrating shared growth, corporate responsibility, and corporate ethics with the local society and with its subcontractors, SICC seamlessly strives towards becoming an “IT Korea Leader” that satisfies its customers, shareholders, employees, and others, and contributes to the development of the national industry.

Please stand by us with interest and support and watch SICC change in the future.

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