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Safe, productive system. Building a future-oriented system!In accordance with the government’s 3.0 plan, which it has shown much interest in, we provide consulting, system establishment, operation, maintenance, and system transfer services to central administration institutions, regional administration institutions, legislative bodies, judicialbodies, and other major public organizations, enabling such organizations to provide information services. Focusing our key technologies and competencies accumulated over our 30+ years’ experience in the public sector, we help enhance the quality of services rendered to our citizens, and help advance our country’s information system.

Major business areas

safety, production, future-oriented system building
  • public organization consulting, SI development, maintenance
  • Public work system developmnet
  • Public organization computer room transfer integrated development, maintenance
  • SOC policy system consulting, SI establishment

Track record

  • Korea Land and Housing Corporation

    Next-generation information system establishment

  • Ministry of Safety and Public Administration

    Regional human resource system establishment etc. 1

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport

    Korea Land Information System (KLIS)

  • Korea Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)

    Integrated search upgrade and security management system establishment

  • Korea Road Corporation

    Integrated business management consulting and system establishment

  • Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

    Factory foundation online support system expansion

  • Seoul City

    Integrated tax system equipment replacement and expansion etc. 2

  • Busan City

    Busan citizen’s park (U-Park) establishment

  • Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City

    2014 smart school foundation

  • Seoul Design Foundation

    DDP IP operation situation control room establishment

  • Korean Customs Service

    Fourth-generation national customs integrated information network

  • Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute

    Regional human resource information system maintenance and Internet recruitment application center operation

  • Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation

    SMRT MALL business L2, L3, L4 light-activated switch supply and installation

  • K-Water Corporation

    Daecheong Dam drainage system electric and measurement construction

  • Gyeongsangbukdo Education Office

    Public information communication service L4 switch purchase contract