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Leading the informatization of the country’s national defense with top experts and technologies.Since its establishment in 1981, SICC has built and advanced the information systems of the army, navy, and air force and has developed systems optimal for the future battlefield environment. SICC not only carries out informatization planning and projects relating to battlefield management, resource management, M&S, and tactical data linking but also possesses consulting capability, real-time system materialization technology, and tactical datalink processing technology.

Major business areas

Informatization System Establishment and Upgrade
  • Resource Management System
  • M&S System
  • Tactical Data Linking System
  • Battlefield Management System
  • Information-system-based Environment
  • National Defense Consulting

SICC Solution

Real-Time System Realization Technology: Battlefield management system’s real-time processing technology

Tactical Datalink Processing Technology: Korean Army’s unique tactical datalink (LINK-K)operation solution

Track record

  • Ministry of National Defense
    • - Joint tactical datalink system tactical
      data processing SW (JTDLS DLPS)
    • - National defense data standardization
      and management system establishment
  • Republic of Korea Navy
    • - Korean naval tactical data system (KNTDS)
      stage 2 system development and production
    • - Korea naval command control system
      (KNCCS) stage 1 development
    • - KNTDS and KNCCS maintenance
    • - KNTDS and KNCCS trap installment
    • - LPX control support system (CSS) development
    • - 00 Control Center information communication
      system reinforcement
    • - Marine integrated training center system
  • Republic of Korea Army
    • - Korea Combat Training Center
      (battalion/regiment level)
      system development
    • - Combat support management analysis
      model development
    • - Land tactic C4I system (level 2)
  • Republic of Korea Air Force

    - Second automatic master control and
    reporting center (MCRC) development