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Optimized integrated maintenance management Services providedSICC has a wide range of experiences in designing, building and operating one of the top 10 companies’ information systems, KT’s integrated customer information system, the customer information capitalization system, the marketing mart system, and the next-generation operation support system. Based on such experiences, we have innovated the R&B platform for the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute smartwork, established the fourth-generation national tariff integrated information network for Korea Customs Service, created a new IT system for Hyosung Capital in the financing industry, provided ERP for manufacturing/trading/shipping companies like Ssangyong Cement Industrial Co., Ltd., and carried out various outsourcing projects for the top communications company KT and other bodies with a high information risk in the public, financial, and manufacturing sectors. SICC is trustworthy for establishing and operating an optimal system corresponding with the customers’ business models.

Major business areas

Oprimized integrated maintenance management system
  • SM operation and maintenance
  • Personal information data coding
  • ERP establishment
  • Financial BI/DW establishment
  • Electronic-equipment maintenance
  • Integrated information system development

SICC Solutions

실시간(Real Time) 체계 구현 기술 : 전장관리체계의 실시간 처리 기술 보유 전술데이터링크 처리 기술 : 한국군 고유의 전술데이터링크(LINK-K) 운용 솔루션

Track record

  • Ministry of Security and Public Administration

    Resident service maintenance

  • Ministry of Employment and Labor

    Information system operation and maintenance

  • Busan city

    Data center information system resources integrated maintenance

  • Incheon Port Security

    International information leakage prevention system maintenance

  • Ministry of Employment and Labor

    2012 information system maintenance

  • Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

    R&BD platform innovation for smartwork

  • Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation

    College scholastic aptitude informatization system enhancement

  • Hyosung Capital

    Hysung Capital new IT system setup project

  • STX Shipping

    IFRS and finance integration project

  • Byuk Jin C&D.,Ltd

    State Tower Namsan computer system establishment

  • IS Dongseo

    Integrated information system establishment

  • Seoul National University

    IT service operation and maintenance integration business

  • Ssangyong Cement

    Next-generation integrated information system establishment etc. 1

  • Ssangyong Remicon

    Computer system operation/management and ERP system SM (2009~) Domestic and international equipment-related

  • Ssangyong Shipping

    Computer system operation/management and ERP system SM (2000~)

  • Ssangyong Material

    Computer system operation/management and ERP system SM (2012~)

  • Ssangyong Ecotech

    ERP system establishment (2012)

  • Hankook Slag & Materials

    Shipment automatic system re-establishment (2013)

  • Ssangyong Cement, Ssangyong Remicon, Ssangyong Shipping

    Coding of personal information data (2011-2012)